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Important Note: Riders need to understand that most of these products of ATVs are not designed for extreme riding, jumping or professional racing. This is reflected in the costs of these products vs their heavier duty more commonly known counterparts such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc. While some models are designed for rougher style riding, most of these products are more for the casual or moderate rider who seeks for a more conservative and less aggressive riding experience at a very reasonable cost.

Pick-Up Information

Unless advised otherwise, your motorsport should be available for pick-up on the designated day you selected, provided you have allowed at least 7 days from the day of order. In order to pick-up your unit, please call
Affordable Fun Motorsports at 678-477-2682 to make an appointment and be sure to bring your receipt.

Pick-Up Location

445 Ellistown Rd
Jackson Ga, 30233


We specialize in the service and repair of Chinese manufactured motorsports such as ATVs, scooters, go-carts, dirt bikes, small pit bikes, etc.


The proper service and maintenance of your recreational vehicle is the first step in ensuring years of dependability and fun. Just like with your automobile, without proper preventive maintenance, your ATV, dirt bike or go-cart is sure to fail in time resulting in costly repairs or worse, personal injury. Just a minor oversight of not properly packing a wheel bearing, replacing your oil or checking tie rod alignment can cause serious premature and costly mechanical failures.

Affordable Fun offers a 12-point service program which includes changing your oil, checking and packing wheel bearings,front wheel alignment, charging system, cooling system, tire inspection, chain lubrication, suspension inspection, ignitition system check, check condition of wires and spark plug.

For as little as 1 to 2 hrs labor, Affordable Fun will service most ATVs, dirt bikes and go-carts. Of course, if we determine
that your motorsport needs further service, parts or repairs, we offer very reasonable repair rates with an equally attractive

Again, allow yourself the comfort of knowing you've purchased your ATV from a local full service dealer who stands behind their products and services.


Affordable Fun offers repair labor rates that are very reasonable and as much as $25 to $35 per hour less than many ATV and motorcycle repair shops and service centers. We primarily specialize in the service and repair of Chinese manufactured ATVs, dirt bikes and go-carts that many named brand motorcycle sales, service centers and shops will not service.

Many basic repairs can be made with as little as 1 to 2 hrs labor, and for non-electrical diagnosis and repairs, we will apply your diagnostic fee toward your overall repair costs.  

We also offer a full 30day parts and labor warranty on all service repairs and non-electrical parts.

    Labor Rates:    
Diagnostic Fee:   $50.00 minimum*
Labor:                    $50.00 per hour

*Diagnostic fee may apply toward total labor for non-electrical repairs


Under construction

   Starting Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

4 Stroke Engine Preparation


Start-Up Instructions

(This information does not supersede instructions in the operating manual)


Small 4-stoke engines can be a bit cold natured and it's important to follow these instructions when storing and starting your small 4-stroke ATV, motorcycle or go-cart (hereinafter referred to as motorsport).


1.   If your motorsport will sit for more than 5 days  without running, disconnect the positive terminal to the battery.  This will help
      maintain the charge in the battery. The battery, if not accessed from the side, is accessed from under the seat.

2.   Use only a FRESH 91 octane fuel or above. NEVER use gas that has sat around in a can for longer than 30 days. Your
      motorsport will not start with stale or old gas.

3.   If the motorsport will sit for more than 30 days, close the petcock and remove ALL gas from the carburetor. Never allow
      stale gas to remain in the carburetor or gas tank.

4.   The battery is to be charged only at a maximum of 2amps. Never charge with more than 2amps or the battery will be

5.  If equipped, hook up the maintainer charger to the battery 24hrs prior to use. We STRONGLY recommend that you
      purchase a small RV battery maintainer to prolong the life of the battery. These can be purchased at Wal-Mart for
      around $20.00 or at a Batteries Plus store. Once a small rv battery is allowed to drain and remain for more than 7
      days, the battery will no longer take a charge. Affordable Fun provides no warranty on batteries. You can also purchase
      a replacement battery at Batteries Plus and autoparts stores.

6.   Never use a car battery to jumpstart your motorsport. This may destroy the electronics.

7.   When parking the motorsport, always make sure the key switch is in the off position.


Starting Instructions: (Purchase some starter fluid)


1.   Make sure the engine kill switch and key switch is in the on position. The engine kill switch is on when the circular
      arrow switch is in the 'down' position.          

2.   Make sure that either the foot brake or hand brake is applied.

3.   Make sure the fuel petcock is on (if equipped)

4    Cold Start:  Don't waste your battery and starter trying to start your motorsport without the assistance of some starter
       fluid to help prime the carburetor. To do so will only drain your battery and cause your starter to prematurely fail. Spray a
      short burst of starter fluid in the air breather/filter. The breather is easily accessed from the side or from underneath the
     seat. It is usually located at the rear of the carburetor and is cylinder in shape.


      Remember, fuel/air mix is generated by a vacuum from within the cylinder. It always helps to use a little bit of starter
     fluid to help start the engine on a cold day to generate an immediate vacuum.

5.   Make sure the choke is on (not applicable to models with an automatic choke). The choke lever is located either on the left
     handle bar or on the carburetor itself. The choke is on when in the 'up' position.

6.   Make sure the engine stop tether is fully seated.

7.   DO NOT THROTTLE THE ENGINE. It normally is not necessary to apply the throttle (that means give it gas) when
     starting with the choke on. On some models it may be necessary to give it just a little throttle (a little). Depressing the
      throttle rapidly or all the way will flood the carburetor.

8.   Depress the start switch until the engine fires and lightly give it some throttle/gas with the choke on - very lightly.

9.   Run the motor with the choke on with very light throttle for about 1min or until the motor begins to choke out (smoke) and
       then close the choke about half way. Run for about 30 seconds with light throttle and the engine should be warm
      enough to idle on its on.

10. Once idling on its on, turn the remainder of the choke off (in the full down position) and let idle for 2 mins. It should now be
      ready to ride.


      If it will not start:   Spray a little more starter fluid in the breather and repeat steps 5-9.

On-Going and Pre-Ride Safety Instructions


1.   Prior to riding, check the integrity of all bolts, nuts and fasteners. Especially the nuts and bolts holding the tires to the hubs
      as well as the steering and suspension system. Frequent vibration will cause some nuts and bolts to loosen. Check and make
      sure there are no fuel leaks and that the exhaust pipe area is clear with nothing touching.
2.   Never, ever ride a motorsport or allow anyone else to ride your motorsport unless thay are in full safety gear (helmet,
      chest protector, knee and elbow pads, boots and gloves) and are experienced in riding. These are not toys and are not designed
      for very young and inexperienced riders.
Follow all safety recommendations, precautions, maintenance and other safety
      guidance as detailed in your release, operators manual, ATV Safety CD provided to you and ATV Safety Institute


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